2012 was a year of extremes.  One of those years where its so tough you can’t wait to move on, stash it away and forget about it, yet there were so many good things mixed in you feel guilty wishing it away.

BEST of 2012:

  1. Sold our house in NC.  Nearly 5 years of ownership and only 10 months use, the monkey is off my back.
  2. 5 years later – still in love – in Italy.  Memories of a lifetime.
  3. Finding the job and co-workers who make me happy.  In my younger days I admittedly took things for granted but I see very clearly now.
  4. Family is everything.  Family time is much more relaxing when you don’t live 6 hours away.
  5. Finally, a house that is a home.  We’ve lived in 6 places in 5 years.  I’m grateful to hang pictures, paint walls, and invest myself emotionally in a home.

Worst of 2012:

  1. Best friends are hard to come by.  Lots of change this past year – I feel like there’s a hole in my heart.
  2. Leaving Atlanta. “Georgia on My Mind” by Ray Charles hits me in the gut every time.
  3. Job stress.  Sometimes you can’t see the good until you’ve experienced the bad.

2012 Lessons Learned:

  1. You have to be a friend to make a friend.
  2. It’s easier to love than hold a grudge.
  3. You can always count on family.
  4. Finding the right job is more important than finding a job.
  5. Life is short.
  6. Never get on a ladder wearing flip flops.
  7. When people want to help, let them.

2013 Resolutions:

  1. Commit my resources to Southland’s Richmond Road campus.
  2. Get to know my neighbors.
  3. Finish a project before I start a new one.
  4. Learn when to BUY versus DIY.
  5. Focus on JOY.

All in all, I have been looking forward to 2013 for a while but it hasn’t been all bad – it’s nice to reflect the good of this year.  So…..

Cheers to the new year

and another chance to get it right!

Happy New Year!