After 28 years.

Countless ignored warnings to “be careful”

Climbing, jumping, tumbling, running, and falling…

One fall too much.  I broke my foot in 3 places.  Eek.

broken foot

You don’t have to be a radiologist to find these 3 breaks.

I fell from a ladder and before I could think, I was on the ground.  My first thought was, “Wow, I landed pretty good.”  I was most worries about my back and my hands.  Taking quick inventory of any injuries, I realized I had definitely hurt my foot.  I didn’t even try to walk on it.  I hopped on one foot inside to get Mark.

I knew something was wrong but I was hoping it was just a sprain so I waited it out instead of going to urgent care or the ER.  Plus, if it was just a sprain I would be really upset with a hefty ER bill.  I wasn’t bleeding and I wasn’t dying!  So I waited.  Besides the hopping on one foot and crawling up my stairs (probably a hilarious sight), I wasn’t in too much pain.

Finally Monday I saw a doc.  She pushed and poked.  I cried.  I kinda wanted to kick her it hurt so bad.  I bet Mark I broke 2 bones. He bet on the under.  I won.

I was handed a CD of my x-rays and sent home, no news yet.  I was prepared to have no idea what I was looking at on the x-rays but instantly I saw the culprit staring back at me.  I couldn’t spin it or hide from it, it was obvious from first glance I had 3 breaks.  Grrrrr……

I’ve spent the last few weeks gutting our attic, building a table, bench, planters, fixing gutters, starting a garden, staining our deck, etc.  The list goes on and none of which involved sitting.  Yet now I find myself….sitting on my couch.  I am miserable.  You never realize how much you take for granted until you’re put in a situation where something is taken away from you.

broken foot in cast

Do me a favor today…go for a little walk, will you?  I certainly wish I could enjoy this beautiful warm weather!