Wow.  What a crazy few weeks it has been.  I’ll spare you – here’s the cliff notes version:

  • After deciding it’s time to move back to KY, I job search (I wish this on no one)
  • Job offer just before Thanksgiving – for the first time in my life I can say w/confidence I’m doing exactly what I want to do.  Feels GOOD.
  • Next Tuesday…Get Married announces their closing doors – last day is Friday.
  • 1 month no job – packing & being Mark’s personal assistant (hey – who would blame him?) FYI daytime TV sucks AND you who’d known how much you can fit into 700 sq feet?!
  • Saying goodbye to Atlanta & close friends. Spending as much time as possible with my best friend. Finally sinks in.
  • Moved into my in-laws basement (hey, if you have to live with your in-laws, pray they’re as nice as mine!)
  • Holidays.  ’nuff said.
  • Day 1 at the new job. LOVE it. In a hurry to get caught up and get rolling!
  • House searching.  Made an offer. (Is this seriously happening?)
Not gonna lie – it’s been a roller coaster at times….
And, well, I’ve felt a little like this:

Some days I wish nothing more than to be normal.  To spend a weekend doing nothing – no expectations, no to-do’s weighing me down, ah…just to be normal again.  Last night I wanted that so bad.

Mark has been travelling constantly.  Flying out of Cincinnati in the morning, we decide to drive to N. KY to visit good friends.  Running late & rushed – it’s snowing – then after 30 minutes of driving I forget my drivers license & have to go back.  Pity party of one.  Throwing a total b*tch fit. I’ve had enough & wanted to be normal for once.

Then I realized, I’ve had that before.  There was a time when we had nothing to do on the weekends.  No friends to see.  Our jobs weren’t exciting. Saturdays spent at the Home Depot. And I remembered how BORING that was. Forget normal – normal is BORING.

I guess I realized as much as I complain about how crazy our lives have been these past 4 months, I wouldn’t have it any other way and if I’m being honest with myself, I LOVE my life better when it’s crazy, spontaneous, surprising, always changing, challenging, and new.

A month of no job was AWFUL.  I wasn’t motivated. I wasn’t inspired. I got things done – but also spend 2 hours in Target one day for no reason at all.  Who does that? 

Yes, I’m busy at work but that was my choice – I want to be the BEST.  And as fast as possible.

Yes, our calendars are packed.  We’re busy.  But I’m spending time with people I LOVE.   Much of our reasons to move back is because of these very people.  Being closer to our family & friends.  We made that choice.

So I’m grateful for:

  • friends & family who want to spend time with me
  • a job at a company that is challenging & inspiring – and people I enjoy working with
  • a roof over my head and a car to drive
  • a husband who understands my crazy 🙂

It’s funny how you wish for something & whine about it, forgetting the very reasons you wanted it so bad.  Reality check for me.

Next week I’m thrilled to find out if it’s a “niece” or “nephew”! Gabe & Carla’s gender party is going to be so much fun.  Best of all?  If I lived in Atlanta, no way we could be there. This is EXACTLY what we wanted 🙂