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I love weddings. Especially when the bride & groom are so happy and in love you feel lucky just to be a witness of such a major event. Maggie & Adam are that couple and their wedding weekend was perfect. We were having so much fun I can’t say I was surprised to see the hotel lobby packed because no one was ready to say goodnight!

The goal was the wedding, but so much more was accomplished. New friends made, old friends celebrated. Families coming together & a new family started. Weddings are such a catalyst for happiness.

Going back to old stomping grounds bring waves of memories. A sea of familiar faces, each one instantly triggering a special story that warms your heart or makes you laugh.

I didn’t realize how rare my childhood was until I left it. Most of my hometown friends I’ve known since kindergarden. We went through everything together and we’re better because we had each other to share it with. The ones I grew up with and their families who helped us along the way become like a big extended family. For me it was a big family reunion this weekend.


Hate to see such a weekend end but grateful for the memories. Yay! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Revelette!