You only live once.  The closer we crawl (kicking and screaming, I might add) to 30, we realize how it’s easier to accomplish our goals NOW, rather than waiting for tomorrow.  Mark and I are having so much fun just being married & enjoying the present. So, why not?

We’re leaving on a jet plane to….Europe!  We both wanted to travel to Europe while in college (and it was easier to fit into your schedule) but I was broke, so….. I guess some things are worth waiting for!  🙂 Double bonus: we don’t have to backpack our way thru hostels!

Since we’re visiting places I never thought I would see, it’s time to edit my “30 before 30” list and get to it!  BOLD is new!

  1. Go to a crazy fun, multi day music festival (Bonnaroo, 6/2011)
  2. Sky dive in Europe (Swiss Alps, maybe 9/2011?)
  3. Visit Italy – drink the wine, visit the vineyards, eat homemade pasta and get lost in the charm. (Fall, 2012)
  4. Visit New York City during Christmastime
  5. Watch Kentucky in the Final Four
  6. Attend an epic concert
  7. See Big Ben and/or London Bridge (9/2011)
  8. Run Peachtree Road Race in less than 1 hour (July 2011)
  9. Go on a road trip – the NE preferably
  10. Gondola ride in Venice (9/2011)
  11. Hike the Swiss Alps (9/2011)
  12. Hike the Grand Canyon
  13. Go south of the equator to Rio de Janeiro
  14. Visit a Munich beerhall (9/2011) Oktoberfest is still a goal….
  15. Visit the rolling green hills of Ireland in search of Leprechauns (tehe)
  16. SEC Basketball Tournament (March 2011)
  17. Take cooking classes to learn new techniques
  18. Meet me at the top of the Eiffel Tower (9/2011)
  19. Visit the beautiful city of Vancouver
  20. Go on a trip to an out-of-state fun festival…TBD
  21. Play golf at Pinehurst #2 (all Mark)
  22. College World Series (Mark/man trip)
  23. Rent a ski cabin with friends
  24. See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre (9/2011)
  25. Visit the windy city of Chicago…but not in the winter 🙂
  26. Go to Atlanta Falcons game
  27. Tour Sweet Water Brewery
  28. Dance at Mardi Gras
  29. Sun bathe in South Beach
  30. Seattle for the weekend…fish market!

Mark and I know that we’re blessed to be able to do any of these 30 wonderful things, plus the good times that didn’t make the list.  Each time we mark one off the list it feels like such an accomplishment.  We’re making progress and with 3 years and 18 days left (til I turn 30), I think we can do it!