Another one of my “30 before 30” bites the dust!

6. Attend an epic concert

That would be Eminem @ Bonnaroo.

I wasn’t a huge Eminem fan before (and I’m still not a huge fan), but here are the many reasons why this concert was EPIC:

  1. It’s rare.  No tour dates. One of his first performances since he disappeared for years after his friend passed.  And he has recently released some amazing new music.
  2. A golden view. We wiggled our way up to the FRONT row.  Of course, the “Pit” with VIP was in front of us, but we were as close as we could be and about center stage.
  3. Atmosphere.  We witnessed a lightening show while we waited. Thought it might storm, but never did!  Definitely set an exciting mood.
  4. He rocked.  His energy was amazing.  He had one guy that supported him, but he didn’t lip sync.  But it was so good that you considered it.
  5. Set List.  The concert was AWESOME.  Didn’t leave out a single song that I wanted to hear. Even went old school with songs like “The Real Slim Shady” and “My Name Is”
  6. It only happens ONCE.  I’m pretty sure that most of the 80,000 bonnaroo attendees were at this concert.  They showed the crowd on the screen and it was insane.  Either you were there, or you weren’t.  I don’t think it could be duplicated.
Watching the concert with Maggie, we were both speechless and taking it all in.  I think neither of us imagined that it would have been as awesome as it was when we bought out tickets.
Before that, we saw Amos Lee, Mumford & Sons, and Black Keys (which I loved!)
Here’s some pics:

Crowd shot at Mumford & Sons