The new lifestyle change that had the biggest impact on me in my ‘get healthy’ journey was the 5 Meal Deal.

Seriously, how can you eat MORE and claim that it is good for you??

Ah… You misheard me. I didn’t say MORE, I said more OFTEN.

Everyday (well…at least Monday thru Friday) I eat 5 meals.

BIG breakfast

Why does it work? Here are 5 reasons why I think it does:

1. Have you ever celebrated Thanksgiving? You’re starving. Then you consume a massive meal. Then you CRASH. We aren’t hibernating, but sometimes us Americans eat like we are. Consuming lots of food in one meal isn’t good, especially since one meal can way exceed my daily dietary needs.

2. Consistently snacking keeps my body fueled without extreme highs and lows (think 2:00 lull) and I’ve read before that it can also boost your metabolism. My energy level stays pretty consistent during the day when I eat 5 meals.

3. Snacks also keep me from getting famished and gorging on a big meal. When I’m hungry, I always end up ordering more than I need but I hate to waste it, so I finish it.

4. The easiest snacks to pack (fast) is usually fruit so it’s a bit healthier. I find that snacks generally don’t need to be cooked which is easier, too.

5. I have a theory. Bear with me. When I eat a big meal, I feel (literally) like my stomach is stretching. Like there wasn’t enough room for everything I just put in my mouth. Unbutton your pants full. To me, it’s no wonder that just a few hours later I’m starving again. My stomach is stretched! I think that by eating 5 smaller meals a day, I’m filling my stomach just right. I’m satisfied and I’m not starving later.

The ‘5 Meal Deal’ is legit. 🙂 Happy Friday (and Oaks day!!)