My childhood self would be shedding a little tear yesterday as Prince William married Kate.  I confess!  As a child….. I did have a little crush on Prince William.  I even remember writing him a letter, I believe to ask him to be my pen pal (this was pre-internet – old school communication). I would LOVE to see that letter right now and read it.  Wonder if he kept it?  I doubt he even received it! lol

What little girl didn’t think it would be awesome to be a real princess at some point?  Imagining a price sweeping me away from small town Kentucky away to a castle where I had the most beautiful clothes and people to take care of my every needs.  Funny thing is, I don’t know much of a thing about him and it didn’t take long for that childhood fantasy to pass. Certainly was a joyful little fantasy at the time.

If I’m being honest it’s kinda ironic I would have those kind of thoughts…I’m definitely not a girly-girl, princess type.  Actually, quite the opposite.  I didn’t grow up wearing princess dress up clothes and I never had a princess-themed birthday party.  I wouldn’t be caught dead with a princess trapper keeper.  Pink wasn’t my color.

But who could deny the aura of those diamonds, jewels, and the elegant tradition?  Me likey.

I always had a thing for the tall, dark and handsome (have you seen my husband? I brag 🙂 ) but William became more tall, awkward and hairless as he aged.  Not quite my cup of tea.  And I couldn’t imagine having Prince Charles as a father-in-law.  He seems like a drag.  What?? He does!! lol

I’m just watching the wedding this morning, thank goodness for DVR and fast forward (those choir boys know how to drag on a tune, don’t they?).

Kate's veil

Statue of Rebecca on her wedding day to Isaac.

My thoughts (as unimportant as they are):

  • Prince William looks so much more handsome in the hat.  I know it’s kinda late now since he’s almost lost it all, but science has advanced a bit…he should at least get a consult for that hair.  Just For Men spokesperson?  Maybe!!
  • Go brunette!  How I love seeing a natural brunette steal the spotlight.  All the bleach-blondes and what is the deal with those colored hair extensions and this whole black/white hair look?  eek. Good for her for being who she is and showing off those natural, beautiful locks.
  • I can’t say I’ve seen a more elegant, regal and composed bride.  I look at wedding pictures all day (I work at Get Married, after all).  Her gown was perfect (look at that figure!) and her veil made you stop, silence yourself and stare.  It was so……ghostly.  And I mean that in a good way.  That’s the only word I can think of to describe it.  Reminds me of this statue I saw at the High Museum in Atlanta (of Rebecca, bride of Isaac on her wedding day).
  • All I can think of when I see the Queen is the SNL skits that have been done recently starring her.  Have you seen them? Hilarious. Watch it HERE.

In the end, I got my prince.  He makes me feel like a princess.  He’s charming and handsome and he did sweep me away from small town Kentucky to big city Atlanta.  Instead of a castle, I have a condo.  Instead of designer clothes, I score and save with H&M.  My crown is my Ray-Ban Wayfarers and my stud earrings might be cubic zirconium, but they do sparkle!