Funny story.  So I open my email today and I get an email about racing, subject was “What is your next race?” I get promo emails all the time because of the races I’ve ran before and such.  I hesitated, but I opened it.  And I saw this.

Poster child for the 13.1 Race

So I called Mark.  They’ve been trying for months to get us to “buy” the pics they took of us at the race.  So I thought that this was one of those customized emails to convince me to do the race again.  Well…not so much.  Mark opened his email and he said it was ME on his email.  Then it dawned on he and I at the same time.  I was on everyone’s  emails!  Holy cow!

So…they could of at least touched up my face a bit, since I don’t wear any make up for races and such.  I had NO IDEA they would be doing this.  Completely shocked.

I’m fighting to get a free race number in the next race, maybe even a the pic for free.  I’ll let you know what happens!!  In the meantime,  I have invaded the inbox of thousands of strangers.  Creepy.