Heeding the advice of every adult that has come before me and has kids, Mark and I have focused these past couple of years on taking advantage of opportunities to enjoy life and travel as much as possible.  It’s kinda become an obsession for us both, always looking for something new and exciting to try.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that our parents realized that we would take their advice so seriously.  If they had, they probably wouldn’t have mentioned it at all because the more we live this lifestyle the less we want to settle down and make grandbabies. 😉

I’m sooo happy we’ve caught this bug.  Because if we hadn’t, we wouldn’t have shared in all the experiences we’ve had these past couple of years and we wouldn’t, quite seriously, be as close as we are today.  We’ve become “yes” folks.  A festival? Sure.  A concert? Sounds good.  Weekend getaway? Count me in.  We definitely allocate most of our fun money for travel and entertainment.

We’ve learned perhaps the most valuable lesson to date.  Life…is all about memories and experiences. Gifts, “things”, and money can’t compare to the value of a special memory or a share experienced.  And while every place we have visited and everything we have done has been amazing and memorable and most of them we would LOVE to re-visit, I would rather try something new or go somewhere I’ve never been than re-do a vacation. Seeing new places makes me want to….see new places!

So….. *sigh*  I’ve came to the conclusion that I’m not ready for a family yet….I feel like that is weird to say, since everywhere I turn I see families growing left and right.  I can’t have this precious time back with my husband once it is gone.  Is it wrong that I don’t want to wait until I’m 50 and the kids are out of the house to see the world?  Interestingly, after 3 years of blissful marriage I don’t have the yearning to have children.  Don’t get me wrong…. I love, love, love babies and seeing a best friend carry a child for 7 months opens your eyes to a whole new kinda love.  I can’t wait to see that little baby and love it soo much.

But are these feelings I’m feeling…am I crazy?

To maximize on our time together, while we have it, Mark and I have created a list of 30 Things We Want To Do Before We’re 30….it’s our “30 before 30” list!  We may not be able to do them all, but we hope to.  If you want to do some of these things with us, let me know! 🙂

This list is far from exact…I’m sure it will change from time to time and there are some things that we won’t do but…here it is!

  1. Go to a crazy fun, multi day music festival (Bonnaroo, 6/2011)
  2. Sky dive in Europe
  3. Visit Italy – drink the wine, visit the vineyards, eat homemade pasta and get lost in the charm. (Fall, 2012)
  4. Visit New York City during Christmastime (Winter 2011)
  5. Watch Kentucky in the Final Four
  6. Attend an epic concert
  7. Attend a NASCAR race
  8. Run Peachtree Road Race in less than 1 hour (July 2011)
  9. Go on a road trip – multiple stops!  Most likely to the Northeast
  10. This one is a re-do….but visit San Fransisco, Napa Valley, Sonoma
  11. Skiing the Alps
  12. Hike the Grand Canyon
  13. Go south of the equator to Rio de Janeiro
  14. Octoberfest – in Germany.  Enough said!
  15. Visit the rolling green hills of Ireland in search of Leprechauns
  16. SEC Basketball Tournament (March 2011)
  17. Take cooking classes to learn new techniques (Summer 2011)
  18. Lobster Festival in Maine birthday weekend!! (August 3-11, 2011)
  19. Visit the beautiful city of Vancouver
  20. Taste a few of the 1,800 beers at the Great American Beer Festival (September 29-October 2)
  21. Play golf at Pinehurst #2 (all – Mark)
  22. College World Series (this is a Mark/man trip)
  23. Rent a ski cabin with friends
  24. Be the ultimate tourist and ride a double decker tour bus in a major tourist area
  25. Visit the windy city of Chicago…but not in the winter
  26. Go to Atlanta Falcons game
  27. Tour Sweet Water Brewery
  28. Dance at Mardi Gras
  29. Sun bathe in South Beach
  30. Seattle for the weekend…fish market!

I better get started, 2011 has already started and I only have 3.5 years!