Mark and I dated in college so in our early years, we were young, silly and very broke.  But crazy in love.  Valentines days are different now than then.  We’re still crazy in love, but how we choose to spend out holidays and how we think about them is a little different.  I think it’s best categorized as Then (pre-wedding) and Now (post wedding).

Then: Mark made plans…and it was THE excuse to get dolled up and go to a sit down restaurant.  This was kinda a big deal, especially since we were McDonalds value menu frequent visitors (it was college!)

Now: After a long day at work, just thinking about putting makeup on my entire face (I can’t just wear foundation?) finding a dress and wearing high heels kinda makes me hesitate.

Then: I wonder if he will….?  Buy me flowers?

Now: “Honey, if you’re going to spend $50 on flowers I would much rather you grab some $10 flowers at the grocery store and we can save that money for….(fill in the blank)”

Then: Valentines Day gifts were a surprise….and super hokey and silly.

Now: You ask, “Anything you would like for Valentines Day?” and it’s not unusual to get answers such as: lawn equipment, kitchen utensils, houseware goods, or “Hey! I just bought ____, so we can count that as my Valentines gift.”

Then: I remember thinking….”I’m so excited! I need the perfect outfit.  The perfect card.  Our FIRST/Second Valentines day has to be PERFECT!”

Now: “Let’s grab a jacket and go to a patio somewhere.  Did you get a new netflix?  Maybe we can put on some comfy pjs and watch Castle together!”


We celebrate our love every day…this is just the “official holiday” version of the day.