Annie is protecting the presents and keeping them warm for Christmas.

Random thoughts for the holiday…

I cried a smidge during the Glee Christmas episode.  Good to see that my tearducts still work, I think it’s been forever since I’ve used them.  But Glee?  What has happened to me!!

I look at my stubby little Christmas tree and sigh.  She is short, and she is fat (see above).  We’re almost running out of room for ornaments.  Because our condo is only 800 square fee (MAX) I want to get a new tree..but a skinny one…(think skinny jeans + tree.)  But Mark said I’m crazy because we’d have no where to put it. LOL

My FAVORITE Christmas tradition is our Christmas ornaments.  Every year Mark and I get an ornament that symbolizes that year, be it something that we accomplished, or somewhere we went together, or something we loved that year.  This year (so far) we have 2!  We’ve had an adventurous year and I’m thankful for that.

Costa Rica, 2010

Favorite Christmas Song? “Christmas Prayer” BeBe Winas.  It reminds me of my brother, Gabe.  When he was in Iraq, we weren’t always lucky enough to see him during the holidays and when this song came out, it always made me cry in my car (c’mon, we’ve all done it!) wishing that he was safe and at home.

I’m depressed that it’s so dark when I go home at night.  Seriously, can’t I change my work hours to 7:00-3:30 so I can enjoy some sunlight?

I think Christmas is all about kids and giving.  Growing up my mom always preached that we should give up one of our Christmas gifts to a kid who is less fortunate.  So this year Mark and I are taking money we would normally spend on each other and just giving it away.  Big

Spain, 2010 (this is Sagrada Familia)

tip at a restaurant, toys for tots donation, whatever you choose!  You just have to give it away.  I remember when I used to have to work Christmas Eve at Starbucks (and it wasn’t a holiday…no time and a half!) so I really want to give mine away on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day at a restaurant or something.  These people would definitely rather be at home with their families, so hopefully a big tip would make it a little better for them.

I need a pretty tree topper…

Can’t wait to go to the Biltmore this weekend!  Hopefully I will capture some great pics.  🙂