After a day and a half in Madrid, we headed to Toledo (in the suburbs of Madrid).  I am obsessed with their narrow, winding stone roads.  It was like we were always on an adventure, and we just “guessed” on what path to take.

We saw the Catedral of Toledo which was absolutely amazing.  It was so moving, something hard to really describe I guess.  Beautiful and sacred…definitely a highlight of our trip.

Best story of our trip was that night when we decided to go for a stroll around the town.  There wasn’t a soul out and it was really enchanting, like we had the entire town to ourselves.  Who knows how far we were from our Hostal when it started to rain.  Fortunately I had an umbrella.  Unfortunately, we were lost and it wasn’t getting pretty.  The roads are so narrow and the walls of the buildings are so high, you can’t see landmarks and just “walk towards them” like you think you could.  We just had to guess and, occasionally, I looked at my now soaking wet map.  Not a soul in sight, everything was closed and my shoes were filling with water.  There is nothing quite like getting lost in a foreign country with no cell phone and not able to speak the local language.

Finally we found the Catedral and I was sooo excited to see that church!  When we made it home, we were tired but VERY happy.  Dripping wet, but happy.  It wasn’t fun at the time, but once we got home safe we felt relieved and I know that I’ll never forget our pouring rain escapade in the streets of Toledo. 🙂

You can see all the pics from Toledo HERE.