Spring and Summer are the best seasons ever.  I used to think of it just like a passing season…or a reminder of how much of the year was left… but I have SUCH spring fever!  After last year, I feel like Spring and Summer aren’t about passing time, but….

picnics and patios

walks and coolers (with wheels!)

cookouts and

magazines and mini skirts

puddles and pool naps

hot sun, cool nights

having so much fun that time flies by, it’s dark and you’re still in your bathing suit spending time with your friends.  really? it’s dark already??

front page news and walking ever where I could possibly want to go.  if i can’t walk there, no thanks.


tomatoes so ripe they could burst

constantly having a friend to spend time with

pinks and greens and blues and yellows…

concerts and festivals

Ahhhh… I’m craving some Spring, Summer and Sun!!!