Guilty as charged.  No excuses.  I’ve been M.I.A. from my blog.

So what HAVE I been up to?  Lots.

Mr. Handsome and I made it to Kentucky for Christmas and then hightailed it down to NC to move EVERYTHING out of our house so our renters could move in.   The house never looked so big than when it was empty.  Three stories of emptiness.

I was able to sell a kitchen table and chairs and a dining room suite from another state on Craiglist, which was the ultimate in success, thanks to a great friend who helped me orchestrate it all.

And the best part is, we were able to stay in Viewpoint in Atlanta.  We moved to a much better unit on the 11th floor with direct access to the amenities level, which we love.  I CAN’T WAIT until spring so we can start grilling!!

UK games have been fun for us this year.  We went to the UK v. Auburn game and I was literally star struck.  Hubby and I snuck down towards to floor to watch them warm up.  Any UK fan who has been in Rupp before knows how amazing it is to get really close to the floor (because it RARELY happens at home).

I won’t elaborate too much, but Hubby and I drove to the South Carolina game on a week night, watched our newly ranked #1 team fall with the painful sound of a stupid techno song and a rooster in the background, cried secretly inside, and drove home in the middle of the night before, oh!, getting a speeding ticket.  Then I cried publicly on the OUTSIDE.  Ouch.

After getting settled into our new digs, Mr. Handsome and I met the family in Salt Lake City for some skiing, pro-style.  I’ve been told by my significant other than east coast skiing doesn’t count (although if he ever reads this blog, he will say “I didn’t say that!!” ha ha).

I had a blast!  Almost broke bones, but didn’t, almost tore my ACL, but didn’t, almost fell off a cliff and tumbled to the bottom of the 11,000 ft mountain, but…..didn’t!  So it was a success!  Besides dropping my glove off the ski lift on the first day and having to retrieve it in waist high and thigh high snow, I did alright!!  Looking forward to the trip next year!

So what’s next?  Hubby and I booked a trip to Spain the first of March and I’m REALLY looking forward to it.  Mr. Handsome has been learning Spanish (thanks to Rosetta Stone) even though I have no idea what he is saying, as long as he does then I guess we’re ok.  I’ve finally updated my passport.  I’ve been married 2 years and 3 months and finally got a new passport!  Geez.

We have no plans, just plane tickets.  It will be so much fun!  Any suggestions on what we should do/see?

Toodles until next time!