I call this year the “Ying/Yang” year because although Mr. Handsome and I have had an extremely wonderful, exciting and action filled year, we’ve also continued to be homeowners in another state and pretending like it doesn’t exist doesn’t really work.  So in light of our Anniversary and the crazy year, I’ve listed some of my favorite memories of the year…

A man’s dream…the Masters.
our view

Hard to sleep with that view.

elton john
Met a genius. Front row. Will never forget that night…
lil wayne

Starting the year off right...lil' wayne/t pain concert...FREE

I'm on a boat

Great friends...and on a boat.

OAR Concert...right in front.

OAR...right in front

big blue madness

BIG. BLUE. MADNESS. A dream come true.

pool time
We lived by this pool all summer, from dawn to dusk…

Our first party hosted...Derby style! A success!We have the best friends ever at Viewpoint!John Legend concert...2 times. He's amazing.