So it’s not Monday, but it sure as heck feels like it!  So in the spirit of today, here’s a good dose of Mighty Monday’s for ya!

I might have realized today that I have over 40 friend requests on facebook pending.  I might feel guilty about it, but I might also be pretty lazy about trying to figure out who all these people are before I accept them all.

I might have treated myself to a good spa day this past weekend while Mr. Handsome was out all weekend at a bachelor party.  I might have loved every minute of it.  I might also be super excited already about this bachelor’s wedding coming up New Years Eve.  It’s going to be a blast!

I might have read an entire book this weekend in 2 days.  I might not be able to remember every reading a book that fast in my life.  I might have enjoyed my weekend with the girls, reading by the pool and dancing at night.  I might have to do it again before (I officially declare) that summer’s over.

I might be too lazy to go to the gym and instead popped in a yoga dvd to suffice.  I might also realize that this is nothing close to a decent workout, but I might be super excited about it nonetheless.  I also might have to admit that I don’t like going to the gym anyway because I always have to shower afterwards and I might be too lazy to dry my hair again.  And the fact that I don’t sweat during yoga might be a good sign that it’s a waste of time.  Maybe.

I might have to admit that while I am proud that UK won this weekend, I might have not watched one minute of the game (shhh…don’t tell).  I might feel guilty about it.  But then, maybe not.  It was a perfect summer day and I might have been more excited about soaking up the last of summer’s sun instead.  But you can guarantee that I’ll be watching from here on out!!

I might not be ready for fall just yet, but I might be really excited about starting chili season!!