So I was thinking tonight about typical silly, pointless things, streaming off a comment I heard on the radio about races and how someday we might just have 1 race instead of so many.  We’ll just have 1, blended human.  Hmm… so it go me thinking….

  • I noticed that for the most part, future generations will probably be HUGE (tall, that is).  If you look at it, almost all the people I know are taller than their parents.  Wonder what makes us keep growing?  Hm.
  • I realized that I only need 1 hand to count all the natural blondes I know.  I mean, is blonde hair going to be extinct (naturally, at least) in the future?  I would venture to say that we’re pretty close to this evolutionary change.  I guess it’s all those “recessive” genes, whereas brown hair is a “dominant gene.” I don’t know what got me thinking about this, but I guess I realized that there really aren’t hardly any natural blondes out there anymore.  Hm.  **Apparently according to Wiki Answers, only 2% of the world’s popuation is natural blonde.
  • Are we going to keep growing wisdom teeth in future generations? I mean, we keep taking them out.  Do you think they’ll magically disappear one day?
  • Will dating involve no human contact at some point?  I mean, do you ever think about how kinda “anti-social” or “anti-contact” our communication has become?  With texts, im’s, chats, twittering, facebooking, and technology as a whole (who knows what the future will bring)?  People are already dating and getting married strictly off dating websites.  Wonder what the future will hold?  Hm.
  • At what point will we start running out of places to bury people when they die?  I mean, we only have so much land…. I wonder.  Hm.
  • Speaking of genetics, will colored eyes disappear completely, too?  I love Mark’s crazy green eyes but I have a feeling that our kids have a better chance of having my poopy eyes rather than his yellow/green ones.  Hm.

So, clearly I’m really bored, but I couldn’t help it…I had to divulge all my crazy thoughts somewhere…So do you think we’ll have one, similar looking human race one day?  hm.

blog therapy. 🙂