Picture 032What a weekend!  We must have thought to ourselves, how can we cram in as much as possible into one weekend?  Mark and I took a half day to get to KY at a reasonable hour.  We met my father in law for dinner (yum!) and then spent time with Mamaw.  Mark rises at 5:30 am (I don’t know what he was thinking) and goes golfing with his dad while I sleep in (yes!) and meet my bestest, Lauren, for lunch at my favorite good ‘ol place to eat, Ramseys.  Buffalo Chicken Salad – ’nuff said!

The Lauren and I go to Central Baptist to see one of our friends, Suzanne, and her new baby boy, Jackson (see post below).  He was so adorable.  I was honestly scared to hold him b/c I’ve not been around little babies much but by the end of the visit I felt pretty comfortable.  It was really neat for me to hold him and see how Picture 042absolutely content he was being in this world.  He had the cutest little fingers, toes, and the cutest nose I’ve ever seen.  Precious.

Don’t get the wrong idea.  He was absolutely adorable and I enjoyed loving on little Jackson but I have absolutely no intentions of being a mom any time soon.  See post below post about Jackson to get a glimpse into why.  Not ready for a life change just yet.

After reminising with friends and loving on the newest Kincer addition, Mark and I got ready in a jiffy and were off to pick up some friends for a wedding. Mark, mind you, was adament on getting to the wedding a half an hour early.  But there’s nothing like getting together with ‘ol fraternity brothers to kill some time.  When we get on the road, Mark, who has lived in Lexington his entire life minus the 2 past years, starts completely going the wrong way.  Thank goodness I spoke up and we did a u-turn.  We still were WAY late.  Most embarrassing moment was walking in the chapel right before the bridesmaids go down the aisle and in front of the entire bridal party.  Yikes.

At the wedding, we got to catch up with some of Mark’s best friends from college and you should have seen Mark on the dance floor.  Soo fun!

Then on Sunday we head to Bardstown to meet up with my family for my brother, Gabe’s, 28th birthday.  It was soo much fun!  Uncle Stevie and Aunt Julie fixed up some great food and hosted us at their place.  Whoever made the bloody mary’s did an excellent job.  Yum.  And we just sat around and talked, played cornhole, the kid went swimming in the pool, it was a great time.

But I am BEAT.  *sigh*

I’m pretty excited though because my brothers and Gabe’s girlfriend Carla are coming to visit this weekend!  I can’t wait!  Now I just have to rest… 🙂