To follow in the footsteps on friend Mrs. Webb, I was inspired to create a list of things I REALLY want to do but haven’t…yet.  I just CAN’T get these things done!  Maybe it’s beacause they’re not pressing and aren’t required of me.  Maybe it’s because all I can think about right now is work.  Mark and I are very focused on our jobs right now.  So this is a unique challenge… But either way, these are goals of mine that (someday) I wish to do.

  1. Create a photobook of each year of our lives together, kinda like a “year book” but in a glossy, bound book.  I’ve finished 2008, but I haven’t ordered it yet.   I guess I’m just waiting for the “right” day to do it. 🙂  Check out for an idea of what I’m talking about!
  2. Make our wedding book.  Yup, this is something that I still haven’t done yet.  I have this vision of a beautiful leather bound book, but I havne’t even started to creat it yet.  Eventually, yes…eventually.
  3. Read all the books I’ve bought and haven’t read yet.  I buy them with all intention of reading them, but…you know.
  4. Update my ipod.  I finally bought an ipod (used, mind you) and I don’t love about 75% of the music that came on it, but I honestly don’t know how to do it.  Help! 🙂
  5. Get a GA drivers license.  Maybe it’s because I dread those awful photos, or maybe because I’ve had 3 drivers licenses in the past 1.5 years (Aimee Smith: KY; Aimee Griffith: KY, Aimee Griffith: NC and soon-to-be #4: Aimee Griffith: GA)  UGH.  Moving is NOT as fun as it looks!
  6. Europe.  Mark and I fantasize about going on a romantic venture through Europe, and we will, but not today.  Eventually, just not yet!
  7. I want to paint….  I’ve always desired to light that fire in my again and start painting.  Ideally, I would like to take classes to get me going.  When could I ever find the time?
  8. Speaking of lessons, I REALLY want to take cooking classes.  REALLY bad.  Or at least lead myself through my Martha Steward book without going insane.
  9. Take a road trip.  Yup.  Mark and I really want to take a road trip.  We’ll get to it, eventually. 😉
  10. Use a video camera.  We got one for our birthday a couple of years ago but it stopped working.  I really wish we used one more often because I love capturing everyday memories.  I’m a memory keeper…can’t you tell?
  11. Go on a picnic.
  12. Make a HOME.  Mark and I have moved around soo much lately.  I really can’t wait to be able to hang up pictures, put a big “Griffith” doorknocker outside, put down some roots and have a place to call home.  *sigh*  Someday…

I think Rach was right about one thing.  No matter how much we try, we can’t be perfect women.  We all want to be, but sometimes we have to be a little glad that we’re not perfect.  I think that no matter what, no matter how many responsibilities, demands, kids, jobs, etc… we’ll can always excel and get better, but we’ll never be perfect.  *sigh* thank goodness!  Being perfect sounds exhausting!!