With Mark being out of town for “guys weekend” I put a lot of thought into what things I really like to do that I could really enjoy more with Mark not around.  Ladies, I think you’ll agree…there is nothing worse than going shopping with your man! 

Before I got married, my shopping habits involved hours of browsing lots of stores, searching for good deals, and heading home with a few bags and lots of success.  Since we got married, my habits have changed slightly.  I usually don’t make time to go shopping at all because being with Mark, we always find something better to do on our weekends than shop.

And if we do go to the mall, like we did last weekend,  can hardly try on a couple of shirts before I get “the call.”  If you’re married, you know what this means.  It’s from the hubster, and you know exactly what he’s going to say…”are you ready yet?”  *sigh* “yes,” I respond.

So I decided that since my wardrobe was a hurtin’ and Mark was out of town, it was the perfect opportunity to scour the mall for some good finds.

I have 2 things that REALLY made me mad today:

  1. Where’s the waist?
  2. “That costs WHAT?!”

I gotta tell you, I’m not sure who came up with the trend, but I don’t like it.  I’ve never been pregnant before but I would imagine that the best way to describe this trend is to call it the “maternity look”.  You know what I’m talking about, it gathers right below your chest and then “poof!” I could hide little Annie under there!  

What happened to the waist?  It’s like she just disappeared!  I actually went on a hunt to JUST find shirts/dresses that had a tailored waist and I was shocked that I could hardly find any.  UHG.  I was really frustrated.  I refuse to wear anythingt that might lead someone to think that I might be pregnant and frankly, it’s just not that flattering.  Whoever makes trends out there, I hope you’re reading this… bring back the waist!

For my second gripe, there wasn’t one thing that I picked up today and thought, “Wow, this is a good deal!”  I thought we were in a recession people!  Where are all the slashed prices?  Where are the “Going out of Business” sales?  I tell you, I think Atlanta is on the up-and-up because the mall was packed and I felt like I actually might pay full price for something today!  Alas, I did not.  I never pay full price for anything, that shall never change. 🙂

But I am kinda excited about my finds today.  Really excited!  But I have a feeling after tell Mark all about it, he won’t be leaving me alone for the weekend anymore… haha, just kidding! 


Oh, and on a side note…today was also spent indulging in HGTV and the Food Network, 2 of the channels I rarely get to watch with Mark around!  Yipee!