I’ve been blogging pretty consistently lately, so you have to wonder…where’s Mark?  Generally the only time I get to blog is when Mark is out of town.  Not really because he doesn’t like it (he calls me “Sonic the Hedgeblogger”) but because when he’s here, we’re usually out and about or doing things together.

Generally I LOVE having some me time with Mark being out of town.  I opted to live in a studio apartment for 2 years in college instead of packing in with lots of sorority sisters.  However tempting, I’ve always liked quiet time to do what I want without distractions.

The past couple of days were awesome!  But today, I came home and I was totally BORED.  *sigh* Unfortunately, I have absolutely nothing to blog about.  So, I’m about to indulge in a ton of my favorite shows tonight and hang out with my only company, Annie.

Have a good night! 🙂