miss-caliDid you ever think that a pageant queen could cause such a fuss? 

Watching Miss USA pageant this past Sunday, I was honestly surprised that the judges asked such politically focused questions.  With my experience in pageants, even watching past Miss USA pageants, they don’t tend to ask such controversial questions as to not isolate a contestant on overly sensitive subjects.  Abortion & gay marriage, to me, are such topics.  Can you really win?  Could she have answered better?

I guess you could argue from several views here.  Everyone makes fun of pageant girls for always being so “generic” and always avoiding the topic really being addressed.  “She didn’t even answer the question!!” people often say.  So would she just have been better off just skimping her way around the issue?  Maybe.  She probably would have won (unfortunately b/c I don’t think that certain judges were able to take their personal view out of their scores) BUT she wouldn’t have been true to herself.  She wouldn’t have been honest. Is that what we really want?  I don’t know.  What’s the point of asking a question if you don’t want an honest answer?  It’s like more and more it feels like people have to be “politically correct”  to succeed (politicians especially). 

Was she punished (by getting 1st runner-up) by her answer or the fact that she gave an answer?  I think either way, whether she agreed with gay marriage or not, she would have been criticized.  Which is why I don’t think they should have asked that question to begin with.  They only way she would have won in this situation was to not give any answer at all.

I do, however, think that Perez Hilton was totally in the wrong in some remarks that he made about Miss California after the pageant, saying thing I won’t even mention on this blog b/c I like to keep it clean.  She has a right to her opinion, Miss USA or not, and she shouldn’t be personally attacked for it.  After all, he was the one who asked the question to begin with!

When I did Miss KY USA, I would prepare for all kinds of possible questions.  To be honest, if I wasn’t particularly passionate about a topic, I would totally come up with answers that were appealing to the majority.  But if I was passionate about something, I couldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t answer from my heart.  That’s just who I am.  Regardless of what the judged thought, if I was asked about the Iraq war, for example, I was going to be true to my feelings and be honest. 

In the end, being true to myself was more important to me than hiding behind a mask and winning a title pretending to be someone that I wasn’t.  And that’s exactly how Miss California feels.  Don’t pity her, she’s not pitying herself.  When asked, she said she wouldn’t have changed a thing.  And, regardless of her opinion and your perspective, we should all applaud her for being herself and standing up for what SHE believed in.

Donald Trump sure knows how to rouse up some media attention, that’s for sure.  From Tara Conner to Miss California, it’s always something! 🙂