What a crazy weekend!  Mark and I were totally okay with doing little to nothing, so spending 3-1-09-0101time with our friends Amanda and Craig on Friday night and then hanging out in sweats and watching a movie with our Viewpoint friends Holly, Travis, Jon & Charles on Saturday was the perfect plan. 

Mark and I met up with Craig and Amanda (Craig is UK alumni) on Saturday at a local pub where all the UK alumni go to watch games.  Even though the game was exciting, we were extremely disappointed to walk away with a loss.  You can tell by the impromptu pics we took that it was fairly



warm on Saturday…little did we know…

This morning we were amazed to see that, believe it or not, it was SNOWING cats and dogs!  HUGE quarter size snow flakes coming down in blankets.  It was amazing to watch, especially from our 24th floor balcony.  I tried to capture it in the pic of Mark in this post when we went outside, but it was hard to show how amazing it looked in person.  I haven’t seen snow like this in years and Georgia was the last place I expected to see it, especially in March!3-1-09-0291

When Mark and I were dating I spent hours and hours creating this scrapbook for him of all our fun times together.  I poured all my free time into it, making sure it was perfect.  His reaction was worth every bit of it!  Have you ever made a photobook?  I work with My Publisher online to create photobooks.  My goal is to make a photobook for every year so instead of thousands of photos on my computer I would have basically a yearbook collection of our memories.  Like a scrapbook, only 1/2 the work.  That is just what I need.  So I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on 2008.  Hopefully it will be done soon!

Finally I leave you with a cute picture of my little girl Annie and her new tank top (that to me is totally reminiscent of the 80’s and those tacky tank tops men used to wear, but it was $1 and it was cute so we had to buy it).  The shirt says “Tree Hugger”.  On that note, I did discover this weekend that Annie really isn’t an animal at all, she it totally human.  Why, you ask?  Most animals enjoy the snow.  Annie, however, was shaking and shivering so much she almost fell over.  Pitiful.  I’m sure her ancestors would be ashamed.  She’s still cute, though.