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vegasThere’s something about travelling on business.  It’s just not as much fun to visit an amazing place when you’re on business.  For me, it’s mostly because Mark isn’t here.  Or any of my friends, for that matter.  Being away for work is fun because you get to see new places and I love staying in different hotel rooms, but I know that if Mark were here I wouldn’t be spending my night watching the Oscars and blogging, but downstairs at the casino, people watching and having a good time.  I do really like my co-workers here with me, though. 

I’m staying in the Venetian, a beautiful hotel that is SOO huge, I literally have gotten lost on more than one occasion.  I’ve got this large suite and a king size bed and I’m only using 1/6 of it.  Tomorrow I’m going to Catersource, which is the reason for my trip and I’m truly more excited about Catersource than I am Vegas!  Catersource is a trade show for caterers…use your imagination, people, we’re talking fantastic free food!  🙂  I am super excited.  I love trying new things and I love the way caterers make food look so pretty.  Yum.

So far, though, I am quite fascinated with Vegas.  Besides the people watching, which is at it’s prime here, it’s surprisingly fun.  With not much else to do, a co-worker and I strolled over the the shopping section of our hotel.  It was really cool because the ceiling looked like a real sky, seriously!  It felt like we were outside.  And as we walked around, there was entertainment everywhere.  I’ve never been to a mall before where they sought to entertain their shoppers with opera singers and people dressed like branches and statues that were actually real people (weird). 

So for now, Vegas will have to get on without me because instead of being down in the city, I’m about to engulf myself in pillows and start my dreams.

One major disappointment, however.  They have a gym here, but to go it costs $40 a day!!  Ugh, I really wanted a good run today.