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houseMark and I knew that we needed to go back to Charlotte and check in on our house.  We’ve known for a couple of months.  Honestly, we haven’t been looking forward to it in the slightest.  Going to the dentist, spending a night in traffic school, filling out expense reports…all things we would rather do than make the dreaded trip to Charlotte.  Honestly, we both kinda hoped in the back of our minds that our next trip to Charlotte was to close on the sale of our house.  Well, over 3 months later…no sale yet.

Regardless, we both knew that we needed to check in on our baby in the Carolina’s so…after getting home from work and convincing Mark to watch Grey’s with me (trying to delay the inevitable), we finally realized that we needed to get going and left Friday night.  I have to admit, it was weird driving through the neighborhood…pulling in the drive…and walking through our oh-so-empty house.  Even though all of our furniture is still there and it’s staged beautifully, there was a certain loneliness about being there again. 

How could a house that felt like a home (our first home) feel so cold?  Besides the thermostat being extremely low to save heating while it’s for sale (the obvious), I started thinking about how important the house (or your surroundings) really have to do with your memories.  As I walked around the house, I remembered all the things that had most recently slipped my mind…funny stories, good memories, oh and how could I forget the garden I created from seeds??!!  *sigh* Charlotte holds some memories for us.  Our house holds great memories, too.  But I guess in the end, we’re the ones who MAKE the memories.  Walking through our house kinda reminded me of when you find an old photo album…the memories started rolling back.

Another thing I realized is how many things we have that I completely forgot about and didn’t miss at all.  I had convinced myself that all those things were so important to me, yet I completely forgot they existed!  Once we sell the house, it might be time to downsize.  Craigslist, here we come. 😉

I’m not sure if NC missed us too much, but I was definitely missing Atlanta.  After the UK game was over (Go Cats!) we were on the road in a hurry.  Breathing a sigh of relief…the house was just as we left it.  Hopefully next time we see it, she’ll be sold.  🙂