I think everyday should be Valentines Day (or at least every weekend).  We don’t usually make too big of a

Sweets for my sweet!

Sweets for my sweet!

 fuss about V-day. 


Generally spending time together is enough for me (and we do that every weekend!) 🙂

Valentines Day is different when you’re married.  This is true.  I love surprises and making homemade things for Mark to make it more special.  This year, with visitors in town, I knew I didn’t have too much time to spend and with our condo being so small, there aren’t too many places to hide to make something (or even sign your card!).  So, while Mark was in the shower Friday, I took the liberty of decorating the brownies that we had baked together the day before.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough time, so while I was decorating, Mark would walk all around me, promising that he wasn’t looking.  It was really funny, because I know he wasn’t looking, but to me it was so silly that we were going to this extent to keep my secret surprise.  It was fun!

Even better was when I took advantage of Mark being in Savannah for a couple of days and went to Target to pick up some Valentines Day presents for him.  The next day, I get a call from Mark and he says, “Did you go to Target yesterday and spend X amount?”  I laughed, because I

Jodie Meeks
#2 Best Part of UK Game: Buffalo Chicken Dip. #1 Best Part of UK Game: Jodie Meeks

love how on top of it he is about our finances and I was proud.  I told him I sure did but I wasn’t going to tell him what I spent.  I’m sure he was slightly

surprised at my tone before he realized what I was spending it on :-).    But it IS hard to keep secrets from him that when he does that!!!  Hey, at least our bank account doesn’t itemize purchases or I wouldn’t have any surprises left!

We were lucky to have a couple of really good friends of ours come visit this weekend for the holiday! 


Michael Kennely and Ashlee Loftis came in on Friday and we had a great weekend catching up and sharing some laughs.  Here are some pics…good times!

My V-day Date

My V-day Date

Love Birds

Love Birds



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