In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I felt like sharing “Our Story.”  I was driving, thinking about all the wonderful experiences and memories Mark and I have shared, smiling in my car all by myself.  For me, this blog is an outlet to express my thoughts and feelings and lately I have found that my mind is in a flutter over our love story.  Feel inspired?  Share your love story, too.  I always love a good love story.

The Early Days...

The Early Days...

I believe that every couple has a great story.  Whether it be how they met, how they fell in love or all the silly stories in between that we all hold in our heart and know that we’ll cherish for years to come.

Whenever I feel down or “bland” I like to think back on those memories and they always make me smile.

Mark and I met through a mutual friend briefly, only for a moment, just to exchange names.  I’ve always been a very peculiar person about who I was physically attracted to.  I’m so bad about this, but I generally know immediately whether I’m interested in someone.  When I saw Mark, I thought he was more perfect than I could have ever imagined.  You can say that it was love at first sight.  To me that sounds a little hoaky and if you never experienced it first hand, you probably think I’m crazy for even mentioning it.  But there was something just very special about him and I knew it from the first moment.

I immediately felt incredibly comfortable with Mark.  When he took a bit too long to call for the first time, I got anxious and encouraged his friend to have him call me.  Our sorority spring formal was coming up and I was in need of a date, so I felt it fitting to ask Mark.  It wasn’t so easy in the beginning…our friends couldn’t believe that we were a good match and assumed our relationship would eventually fade.  Because of this, we kind of kept to ourselves.  So much so that I even had sorority sisters talk about Mark in front of me, with no idea that we were dating.  Jared Lefaivre, one of our ushers at our wedding, even thought he was doing us a favor by introducing what he saw as a potential love match…you should have seen his surprise when we told him we were already dating! 🙂

Within 2 weeks of meeting, I knew something was different with Mark.  I remember telling my mom at some point, “Someday, I would like to marry Mark…if I could ever convince him to marry me!”  I always felt like Mark was too good for me.  Why would he be intersted in me?  Turned out, he felt like I was worth it (lucky me!).

I remember our first Valentines day.  Mark was working at Toyota in Northern Kentucky and he would always stop by Starbucks on Sunday on his way to NKY to say goodbye.  I worked at Starbucks at this time and would always send him on his way with lots of treats and good coffee.  This time, he asked to me for my keys and where I parked.  Not thinking twice, I handed them over and couldn’t wait to find out why he wanted them.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a little Valentines bear and chocolates sitting in my driver’s seat.

Even though we hardly knew each other a month, I couldn’t really think of not seeing him on Valentines Day.  Something ambitious in my gut lead me to drive to NKY to surprise Mark.  Once I told him I was on my way, he later told me that he had been working late but then rushed off to the grocery to pick up something for dinner.  I remember he fixed spaghetti with garlic bread, a salad and everything!  We had a lovely picnic in his apartment and talked for hours.  To me, it was probably the most memorable Valentines Day I’ve ever had.  So simple, but so perfect.

The first time I told Mark I loved him was actually quite a laugh.  I was out with friends one night and, like I had mentioned before, I always felt incredibly comfortable around Mark.  I often told my bestest friends, “Love you!” after I said goodbye on the phone.  That night, I told Mark I loved him as we ended our call.  We had only been dating a month or so… I totally freaked out!!  I immediately texted him that I didn’t necessarily mean for that to be said in that manner.  Ah, but the damage was done.  We both had to laugh it off.  It was funny.

 Mark and I never had a loss of things to talk about.  When he was in NKY and I in Lexington, we would talk everyday, for hours each time.  All week long I couldn’t wait for him to get back to Lexington.  When he did, we would always manage to see each other.  Even when we had plans to hang out with our friends, somehow we always found a way to cross paths.  I will never forget the nights we spent talking for hours on end.  Our chemistry was so strong that I knew this relationship was going to develop into something wonderful.

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