First of all, I feel awful that I haven’t blogged this sooner.  My dear friends, Megan and Stephen Hibbs, welcomed a beautiful baby girl this past week, Harper Hibbs.  To me, it was very emotional for Megan to deliver Harper.  It was a breakthrough…my first high school “sister” to have a baby!  *sigh* I am SOO happy for the two (I mean, three!) of them!harper

I actually had a moment the other night, thinking about it all.  It literally felt like just yesterday that I had graduated high school.  For me, graduating high school had felt like the end to a great thing.  I felt like I might be loosing my sisters.  No kidding, we’ve been known to sleep 5 girls in one bed.  Trust me, it happened. 

My girls and I were SO close.  We did everything together, every weekend we were always doing something.  Most weekends we were known to spend the entire weekend together, practically living at each others houses.  Even week nights.  We stayed friends through our awkward stages in middle school, through our first dances, our first boyfriends, our first broken hearts, the loss of friends or family, September 11th, high school drama, and mis-steps along the way and we tried to find ourselves. 

I always worried that once we went away to college, that all that would change.  Well, of course, it has somewhat.  I mean, we don’t have sleepovers anymore (though I did shack up with Maggie this past year when I was visiting Lexington!  Thanks Maggie!).  I love my girls.  To me, there is a closeness that we created a long time ago (probably from being in school together since kindergarden) that just can’t be broken. 

So you can imagine the culture shock I went into when it really hit me that one of my dear friends had created a life, delivering her first baby.  Didn’t we just graduate, like, yesterday?  Nope.  Actually, I realized, it’s been 7 years since we graduated!  My goodness, when did I turn 24?  I remember thinking 18 was old and dreaming about the day we would get our drivers license. 

Time…please stop.  Or at least slow down!  I’m not ready for today to be over.  I’m not ready to say goodbye to today and write it down in my little history book as a memory.  Life just goes by so fast.  Now I finally know what everyone meant when they told me to enjoy every moment, because you will always look back on those memories with envy. 

Ah, a small reminder of how precious every moment is.  I’m sure Megan and Stephen feel this very same way now, looking into her eyes, wanting time to stop as they fall in love.  Megan-be sure to tell Harper that Auntie Aimee can’t wait to see her soon!