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Yesterday I spent all day (well, most of the day, minus work) looking for my lost cell phone.  I searched the entire tiny condo (not much there to get lost in), up and down in my car and mark’s, I even asked the concierge if anyone had turned one in.  Secretly, I thought that I may have thrown it away on accident and even thought about checking the trash can downstairs in the club room.  I checked all my coats, searched through all the laundry and the basket with all my winter wear.  *sigh*

Finally, late last night, I found it…in my coat pocket.  I am so lame.  Sometimes I think God plays these mind games on me so he can have a chuckle.  That’s fine, I had a laugh, too. 🙂  I hope I’m not losing it!

Still haven’t found my camera, though.  I know it’s around here somewhere…

So Mark and I followed up on a recommendation from a friend and went to the Dekalb Farmers Market last night.  It was awesome!  It was a huge warehouse full of fresh produce from all over the world (it told you where it came from and whether it was organic or not).  We didn’t even make it to the meat section, but bought a ton of fresh fruit and veggies.  We didn’t even get chance to explore the wine section or the aisles.  But, trust me, if you love to cook and get frustrated because your recipe calls for something that Kroger doesn’t carry, you will LOVE this place.  They have EVERYTHING. 

I have to admit, I am kinda sad though.  Mark leaves tomorrow AM for a trip to Kentucky for his company’s party.  Since he’s in town and he loves his parents so much he’s staying all weekend.  Usually I get to go with him on trips like this, but this time around I have to work. 😦  I’m also usually kinda excited about a weekend to myself but not this weekend.  Somehow I am dreading him leaving and taking forever to come home.  I’m sad, it’s official.  *sigh*  Who’s going to make chocolate covered potatoe chips with me?  Well,  I definitely know he’ll eat them!