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Mark and I truly had another great weekend.  A co-worker of mine invited us to meet her and her husband and some of their friends for dinner.  It was a lot of fun!  I will tell you that once you move away, you learn to appreciate those people who reach out to others sooo much more.  It really takes someone like that to make friends.  I’m so grateful!

On Saturday I wanted to go shopping for Mark so I hopped in the car, turned on the navigator and searched for Macys.  I selected the closest one to me and was excited b/c it was only 1 mile away.  WORST IDEA EVER.  It took my right next to the Georgia Dome at 2:00 (anyone out there who doesn’t know what that means, it’s T minus 2 hours until the SEC championship game Alabama vs. Florida).  It was insanely crowded and the traffic was awful.  I spent more time trying to find my way out of there (in this town that I still don’t know at all) than I did shopping.  But luckily I DID find just what I was looking for 🙂

Being that Mark and I have yet to hook up our cable (I know, I know…it’s just hard to justify when we have over 7 big screen tv’s downstairs AND they’re in HD…for FREE), we were planning to head down to the club room to watch the BIG SEC game.  I had made a HUGE pot of chili (enough to feed a large orphanage…and I don’t know why I made so much) and we grabbed some brew to head downstairs for the game.  Unfortunately, there was a private party going on.  Being nosy like I am I peered in the window to scope out the scene and see if we could slip in to watch.  I think the party host saw me and he invited us in.  About 30 minutes into it I had met everyone there and was even holding a perfect stranger’s 3 month old baby.  They were a fun crew and we ended up hanging out with them all night.  We also invited a college friend of ours that we happened to run into at church (a mega church, too!  i mean, what are the chances?) and him and his girlfriend came by, too.  It was a great time! 

Sunday was spent at church (it was awesome!) and a trip to Whole Foods (my NEW FAVORITE place! I am in love with their “made-while-you-wait” peanut butter and I don’t even LIKE peanut butter).  That place just smells awesome and they have soo many yummy things.

Then it was home to put on a roast (my favorite recipe…if you scroll down I included the recipe on this blog) and then we decided that it was time for Annie to make some friends of her own and overcome this dominant attitude towards other 4 legged creatures.  Off to the Dog Park! 

I’m not kidding when I say how nervous I was.  I actually had to wait until Mark got off the phone before I let her in, I needed his moral support.  Kinda like jumping off the high dive, we let her in the park and let her loose!  Mark kinda freaked out that I didn’t keep her on a leash, but I knew it was either all or nothing.  I waited for her to jolt off and start terrorizing little dogs.  Terrified that she was going to go up to the next dog she saw and bite his ear off, we sat back nervously.  And watched. 

Funny thing, she kept coming back to us, looking up at us like she was scared.  She WAS scared, all these dogs (it was the small dog park, mind you) were running around like crazy and wrestling with each other.  We wanted her to run around, too but she’s just not ready yet.   I took pictures for proof.  Anyone who has been around Annie with other dogs knows why this is a miracle.

I’m sorry, you may laugh at me, but the dog park is very similar to a bunch of kids at a playground.  There’s the bully.  There’s the priss.  There’s the baby.  Annie was the baby.  She kept pawing at me to pick her up, it was so sad.  Everyone around me said “aww” as I realized that I was surrounded by a bunch of dog-obsessed people who think of their dogs as children.  There was actually someone there who was playing the guitar.  It kinda felt like a dog hangout.  A little water…a little music…  Then it dawned on me, maybe I am one of those dog-obsessed people.  Ah, who cares.  If I love this little creature this much, I can’t imagine how much I will love my own offspring.  But Annie will do for now.