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Ok, so I know you are going to chuckle a bit when I tell you what I have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out over the past few days.  I mean, I’ve really thought about this a lot…it has been on my mind and I have tried very hard to figure out what to do and I’ve made no decision.

What ornament will we pick out for 2008? 

Ok, when you’re done laughing about my petty dilemma (ok, ok..enough already!!  🙂 ).

Because Mark and I were just married last year I’ve tried hard to establish some traditions and one of those is to pick out an ornament that is very sentimental to us for that year.  Clearly, last year was the wedding and we were excited to get actually a couple of wedding ornaments, my favorite being a Lenox wedding cake (beautiful!). 

Here is my dilemna: what about 2008???

By most standards, I think the most important event of our life this year was buying our first house.  It’s sad to say that we won’t even spend 1 Christmas there (we wouldn’t have anyway b/c we would have been in Kentucky, but still…).  It’s a pretty big deal when you buy your first house, b/c you only do it once, but there are also many other events that are quite memorable to us, too, like:

1.  Disney World

2. Charlotte (since this year is the only year we have lived there)

3. Ryder Cup (for Mark…attending this was very special to him)

So do I pick one?  Do I just go with the “new home” ornament?  Or do I pick the “new home” ornament for the two of us and I pick this cute Tinkerbell ornament for Disney for me, and Mark picks a golf or Ryder Cup ornament for him?  Seriously, I can’t really find a Charlotte ornament, I’ve looked everywhere, so it rules that out.

I feel like I’m writing a rule book for all future decisions!!  I mean, if we just pick one then we always need to just pick one.  But if we pick one each then we will be inclined to pick one each from here on out.  I guess I’m setting the standard for all future ornament decisions.  I think I’m going to go with all 3.  You can never have too many memories, right? 


So today I was looking through a bunch of pictures at the Griffith house (Mark’s parents) and I found a cute picture of Mark and I from the Christmas after we were engaged that I hadn’t seen before and wanted to share.  I hope we always love each other with such ease as we did then 🙂

This also brings me to another topic of conversation: Fireproof.  It’s a movie in theaters about marriage and the story of a couple as they work their way our of a looming divorce and rediscover their love for each other thru a relationship w/ Christ.

I had heard great things about it and so had Marsha (my mother-in-love) so we were thrilled when the boys decided to put off watching sports for a couple of hours to come along (not much use in watching a movie on marriage without your husband!!).  Marsha warned me that it was a tear-jerker but I had NO IDEA.  I don’t know if everyone in the theater was crying but I know for a fact that everyone I came with was red eyed for a continuous flow of tears throughout the movie.  It was a fantastic movie, I strongly encourage anyone who is married to watch it.  I can’t wait to buy it once it comes out on DVD. 

For now, I think that’s enough.  UK football is on and there is still chex mix to be eaten. 🙂