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I never imagined that I would become as domesticated as I am and as I strive to become!  I LOVE cooking.  I hate it when I make something and everyone loves it, but they want you to bring the same thing every time you make something.  That is no fun for me, so I usually bring that thing I made PLUS something else that is different.  I LOVE making new foods and trying different recipes. 

housekeepingFor Valentines Day, I asked Mark to buy me this book:  Martha Stewart Homekeeping Handbook.  I’m sure some of you might find a gift like that for V-day to be an insult, but i genuinely wanted it and really enjoy reading it.  She gives you so many tips to taking care of your house and everything in it and most of the time it will save you money as well! 

Prison or not, she is one smart cookie, no pun intended.

Why am I talking endlessly about this silly book?  Well, I came across another one of her creations and told Mark I really wanted one for Christmas.  cooking-classicscooking-schoolcooking-new-classings I’m soo excited! I think I probably need to do the Cooking School one first, since I need to learn some skillz.  I hope he remembers, because he will definitely be reaping the rewards of tasty treats if he does!  I feel like I am becoming a huge Marthe Stewart fan and I just never expected I would become such a domestic diva, but I love it.  Anyway, that is my crazy blog-blast for the day!  Headin’ to KY tomorrow!