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Mark and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend!  It all started on Friday when we decided to go on a date (I know you would think that woud be a weekly occurence, but no, and I don’t count watcing football as a  date :-)). 

that is a BIG 'ole pot!

that is a BIG 'ole pot!

Midtown was running this great special on restaurants in the area, so Mark and I tried out this place called Steamhouse.  It was fantastic, we got this huge pot, called a Steam Pot, that was filled to the brim with crab legs, oysters, clams, mussels, potatoes, corn on the cob and shrimp! 

the leftover shells, poor sea creatures.

the leftover shells, poor sea creatures.

 It has HUGE!  Mark and I couldn’t even finish it (c’mon that doesn’t ever happen).  It was super-yummy and soo much fun to crack open all of those crazy looking sea creatures!  It told Mark it was crazy how much I enjoyed them, because 3 years ago you would even catch me eating a shrimp! 

not feeling so "clammy" today!

not feeling so "clammy" today! 😉

After filling up on seafood, we decided to head to the movies to see the new James Bond Movie.  We went to Atlantic Station which is right over the bridge, like .5 miles away total, and I actually squealed when I saw they had an H&M!!  Mark thought something was wrong with me!  hehe  We completely underestimated how crowded it would be.  It was the most crowded movie theater I’ve ever seen, you would think that there was a movie premier there or something.  After waiting in line for 30 minutes and catching tickets to the 11:40 movie (all the rest were sold out) we decided we would definitely buy in advance next time.

With over 2 hours to burn, we walked around the huge shopping complex, they were closed by this time so we window watched.  We of course had to run by Publilx to grab some snacks and water to sneak into the movie and realized, we still had forever until our movie.  We finally decided to stop into a wine bar and enjoy some music.  They were FANTASTIC!  The music was awesome, some popular jazz and pop songs with a twist.

After the Grape (the wine bar) we finally catched our seats to the James Bond movie.  I say that b/c I can’t remember what it was called, all I know is the title sounded like a crazy sci-fi movie.  It was really good, I enjoyed it (James Bond had the bluest eyes I have ever seen!).

Saturday was awesome as well.  Mark and I went on a run in Piedmont Park (the TV’s in the workout room were broken, so it was a little too boring for an hour work out…I’m spoiled, I know).  We really enjoyed the run, the park is huge.  A friend had told us about a dog park in Piedmont Park so Mark and I decided to scope it out before we took Annie out there.  You should have seen us, you should have seen these dogs!  There was a little dog area and a big dog area, all dogs and all sizes, chasing each other around, playing, jumping on things and ignoring their owners’s yells for them.  Sounds like wal-mart the day after Thanksgiving, right?  Mark and I, surely, looked hilarious just in awe of all of these dogs and missing our little Annie like crazy.  All these people talking about their dogs like a bunch of proud parents at kindergarten graduation.  So cute.

That afternoon our building was having an open house, so we toured different units all over the building and we really had a great time.  One person had bought 2 units and tore down the connecting wall, crazy.  It was nice, a lot of the people there are very friendly and we’re actually warming up the the thought of maybe living there longer term, just a thought.

And, I was SOO excited to get to go to H&M and shop for a while!  That place is huge and there were so many people there!  I have a confession to make: I am becoming a fan of high waisted jeans.  I kinda feel like that is crazy, because I think my mom wore those…anyway I am determined to find a pair of fantastic high-waisted jeans.

As if the weekend could get any more crazy, Mark and I hopped in the car and drove to Charlotte today.  We had to get my drivers license, mow the yard and pick up some Christmas decorations (yipee!).  I am really kinda excited about the decorations!  Mark’s Aunt Patty went on a Christmas decoration shopper rampage last year and Mark and I officially have enough decorations to suit up the whole floor of our complex, but I am SUPER excited!  The more decorations, the better, I LOVE Christmas.  And we have all of these sweet things we got last year that always bring back fond memories when I think of them.  I can’t wait to open them all up and see them again.  I think that’s why I love them so much, because you don’t see them year round…only once a year!

Well, I’m on the road and plan to spend the next 2 hours searching online for Christmas gifts for everyone.  *sigh* I wish I had a crystal ball and knew exactly what to pick!!