*sigh* Mark left this morning for Augusta.  Don’t get too excited, boys, I’m not talking about the golf course (though it is there, too!).  He’ll be gone for 3 days, maybe four.  I LOVE spending time with Mark, we were basically together 24/7 when we were in Charlotte and I was working on our business and still got a long great.  I’ve learned that when he takes his little trips it’s best to make it “girl” time for me!  I might rent a couple of chick flicks, read a book, got to Ikea or H&M (I’ve been dying to go there…just to look!).  I might even be able to sneak in a nap (I never get to nap when Mark is here…he is an anti-napper)!.

This weekend was wonderful, we spent Saturday morning at Piedmont Park picking up some fresh produce and admiring the hundreds of dogs we saw (none are as cute as Annie, though).  I swear, the next time I go for a walk I’m going to bring my camera to take pictures of every dog I see because you won’t believe how many there are around here!  Or maybe it’s the fact that Annie is away so I notice dogs more, either way, I love it.

Sunday we found our church here.  It’s a Andy Stanley church, Buckhead Church.  It’s a very modern church, which Mark and I love the worship, and he’s a great minister.  What sealed the deal for me was their ministry to married couples, MarriedLife.  Some churches skip over the “married w/o kids” crowd and I think it’s important to grow your marriage and have fellowship with other married couples, so I’m excited! 

Below I’ve posted some pics from Disney World, but I decided not to post any more pics of the condo…you’ve gotta come see us!!  🙂