A Magical Trip!

A Magical Trip!

I feel like I have soo much to blog about!  Mark and I had a wonderful time at Disney World.  My mom was right, it was exactly what we needed at the exact time we needed it.  We stayed on the resort at a modest hotel (Pop Century) and I packed tons of snacks to get us thru on some cheap meals.  We really enjoyed the Wine Festival at Epcot on the first day.  They had a display for Walker Landing (if you don’t know what this is, I cry for you…you should watch more Brothers and Sisters!!  I LOVE that show!! 

Magical Kingdom was the best.  No matter how old you are, Disney World is just one of those places where you just have to be happy within those walls and it brings out a more youthful spirit in you, which I think we both needed.  A reminder of what really matters and to just have a little silly fun every once and a while!  Mark and I went to several shows.  Beauty and the Beast took me back (love it!) and Mark actually was chosen as a participant in a cool interactive show we went to.  The 3D shows were great, too, and how could you not love all the crazy rides?  The best part, by far, was the fireworks shows at each resort, especially Magic Kingdom.  I liked the Epcot one, too, and Mark enjoyed the Hollywood Studio’s show b/c they used spraying water as the backdrop to the cartoons segments…really neat!

I actually packed our wedding cake top with me on the plane for us to enjoy on our anniversary (the good ‘ol tradition!).  Actually, it was REALLY GOOD.  I don’t know how much more good it could have tasted on our wedding day, but it was pretty close to perfect!

Being married to Mark has been the best experience of my life.  I hope what they say about the first year of marriage is true.  If it’s really supposed to be the hardest year, then I think we might be in for a great life together.  Regardless of circumstance, I love him sooo much more than the day I married him and I just can’t wait to celebrate 50 more anniversaries together.  He is the best husband I could have ever imagined, I only hope that I can be such a wife to him.  Aw, now I’m getting all gushy on you…I’m sorry.  😉

Now that we’re in Atlanta, things are starting to settle.  Even though we still have boxes everywhere and we haven’t hooked up the TV yet, it’s okay b/c I think this complex has over 100 flat screen TV’s.  We were able to watch Grey’s tonight on a huge flat screen HD tv downstairs.  Soo nice!

Here’s a picture of Mark on our balcony.  We didn’t have any groceries (still don’t have too much) so we got pizza to go on our first day here.  They view is incredible.  I’m actually kinda afraid to walk out there b/c we’re so high.

Our Atlanta Condo View

Our Atlanta Condo View

We went to the W Hotel tonight for some free drinks and appetizers they gave to all the condo residents here.  It was nice, we met a couple of fun people.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much time out of suburbia to realize that I’ve lost touch with the stylish/sexy side of me.  Everyone looks like they just walked out of a catalog from Express or Arden B or any other hip clothing store.  *sigh*  I’m looking forward to updating my closet a bit this year!!  🙂  (I won’t get too carried away, you know me).

Work today was awesome!  I think I might have made a couple of sales today, my first day on the phone.  I really enjoy talking to these people and I can really relate, with my wedding last year and all the weddings I was in this year.  I am truly their target audience, so it seems to be much easier to sell our products.  It’s kinda cool to come into your office and there’s a stack of new wedding magazines just waiting for you to sift through!  Thank goodness I’m not planning a wedding, or I might lose focus!!  I never thought I would be paid to look thru wedding magazines….love it!

The only thing missing from my life right now is Annie, my little furry creature.  A neighbor down the hall has a shih tzu and it made me a little sad to see her.  I can’t wait to get Annie here so she can meet Atlanta.  There are sooo many dog owners in Midtown.  And I can’t wait to go to the farmers market on Saturday.  Soo much to do!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures…please come see me!! 😉