Today I was a little bit heartbroken and distressed when I left our house in Cornelius, NC.  After slaving away on cleaning and staging the house, we relaxed a bit at church before we headed out for Atlanta.  Church was fantastic, by the way.  I thought it was kinda cute that Mark was afraid to touch anything in the house, afraid that I might break into tears if he messed anything up.  😉  He is probably right.  I can’t exactly put my fingers on what it is that has put me on an emotional edge lately, the house, our few friends, our real estate dreams put on hold, or the fantasies that I had created of our future life here in Charlotte.  Whatever the reason, something was just unsettled in my heart.  I was excited about my new job, but I wasn’t looking forward to spending the week in a hotel.  And, I had an appointment to see a condo tonight at 6 and if it didn’t got well, I didn’t know what we were going to do about moving by next week. 

Luckily, the condo was saw was nice.  It was on the 8th floor of a nice condo building right downtown Midtown Atlanta and a block away for the Piedmont Park.  It was furnished and had a great desk in place for Mark.  I had even negotiated to include all the utilities and had instructed the realtor to write up the paperwork.  Walking around made me miss Annie terribly (she is in Kentucky w/ my family until we get settled) because EVERYONE and I am being serious, EVERYONE has at least one dog here, and they are all adorable.  *sigh*

Mark and I walked a half a block away from the condo to Einstein’s, a hip restaurant.  We had a fabulous dinner and the most hilarious waiter, he was awesome.  Dinner was GREAT (if you come visit, we must go…Cheddar’s price but better food).  On a whim, I logged into my email and emailed a condo contact again.  She called me and agreed to meet us to show the unit.  Just sitting in the lobby, we were getting excited.  HUGE plasma TV’s and electronic TV entry…wow.  The unit was amazing, 24th floor with breathtaking views of Atlanta (especially at night, everything was lit up), and floor to ceiling windows.  They had everything we could possibly imagine and then some, past my wildest expectations.  Perfect.  The location and the unit is so insane, I’m afraid we’ll be busy every weekend with visitors!!!  That is NOT a bad thing….bring it on!  😉

So, for the first time since I found out we were moving, I’m actually really excited, butterflies in my tummy.  Tomorrow is my first day and I can’t wait to move down her next week after we return from Disney excitement and our anniversary celebration.  What would make it complete would to have Annie come back really soon!!

So I realized today that God really is in control and it always DOES work out for the better.  Our first year of marriage was full of all kinds of crazy changes, but I still have faith that we are in good hands.  Life is good.