I was so thankful that my mom and my brother, Gabe, were able to come visit me this week and help me get ready for this major transition to Atlanta.  Mom, being a real estate broker, helped me stage the house and get it ready to show.   It finally went on the market Tuesday and I got a call to show it within the hour.  After scrambling around all day to get it cleaned up and make a good first impression, the called after I had waited 1.5 hours to tell me that the realtor had cancelled.  Shoot.  Anyhow, the house was clean!

I think Mom and Gabe found it “interesting” spending 2 days with me without a TV.  Desperate, we decided to rent a movie. Ahhh….it felt good to be a media consumer again. 

up to our ears in WEEDS.

up to our ears in WEEDS.

Beside that, we spent all of one day laboring in the back yard, pulling massive piles of weeds out of our “hill” and re-mulching it with pine needles that ate my hands and arms up!  Here’s a pic of all of the piles…they were HUGE! 

 Poor Gabe was slaving away with me.  I enjoyed the time we had together, though, even if we were covered in pine needles and weeds!! 

We got to try out a highly tooted restaurant, Big Daddy’s, and got a good taste of some seafood (and raw oysters for Gabe and I!). 

Bid Daddy's!

Bid Daddy's!

 I was pleasantly surprised and excited when Mark decided that he was a bit homesick and might as well come home early from Savannah.  It was SOOO good to see him, even though it had only been a couple of days.

Today I spent most of my day getting appts set up to see condos in Atlanta and organizing our trip to Disney World.  I fixed lots of goodies for us to take in our backpacks so we don’t have to spend any money inside, chex mix and rice krispie treats.  YUM!  It’s just hard keeping Mark’s hands out of the goodies.  🙂 I had already made a ton of cookies, so I think we’ll be well stashed for the trip.  Part of me started to feel guilty about our unhealthy food collection.  But then, I thought, Disney world is 37 square miles!  We’ll work it all off anyway!

We said our goodbye’s to our small group tonight.  I can’t believe how fast our time in Charlotte has run out.  We really have met some amazing people here that we definitely won’t forget and we hope to stay in touch with. 

(Oh, AND I made another 5 gallon batch of laundry detergent today!  It should definitely keep us stocked for the next 6 months.  I know I may sound silly when I say I make my own laundry detergent but after a few months of using it, it works just the same and I just love thinking about how cheap it was to make!!)