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Mark, working hard!

Mark, working hard!

Seems like Mark and I have been on the road quite a bit lately. I’m sure that our electricity bill at our house is going to be, like $15, and I’m sure our grass is 6 inches long. To take advantage of our time together in Atlanta, we stayed downtown Atlanta one night, Midtown another, and Buckhead the last night.

The hotel in downtown was nice, but I realized that downtown Atlanta is really a bit TOO urban for the Kentucky girl in me. I couldn’t find a pharmacy anywhere and there were lots of homeless people. I did, however, visit a condo and saw (for the first time) a beautiful skyline view of Atlanta. I was breathless, I had never experienced something that powerful because, frankly, Kentucky doesn’t have an skylines!!

Midtown was BY FAR my favorite. There was large sky scrapers and corporate buildings, but literally a block or two away you found old school condos, a gigantic park (Piedmont), and fantastic restaurants. I was in love. We ate at a restaurant in the park and then walked all over Midtown, down to the famous Fox Theatre and all around. We loved it. 

The Fabulous Fox Theatre

The Fabulous Fox Theatre

Buckhead is nice, but I really didn’t “get it” as much hype and buzz was going around about it. It was very corporate, yes, but it wasn’t really a live/work community where you can just walk to restaurants from your home. We did, however, dine at a really cool fondue restaurant, Dante’s, in Buckhead (I’ve never had fondue before). He actually is the only non-zoo to have alligators, and he keeps them in his restaurant! It was an awesome restaurant, when you come visit I will take you there. 🙂

Fondue at Dante's

Fondue at Dante









I met with the most wonderful person yesterday, Sabrina, who works at NCC but knows absolutely everyone it seems in the advertising industry. She gladly met with me and we discussed life and jobs and she was very willing to help me, which I appreciated very much.

I had 2 interviews today and they BOTH went well!  One was with www.RoomSaver.com and it was an advertising sales job, selling to hotels along the interstate.  Not 100% excited about it, but it did have great pay opportunity and it was outside sales.  The other job was pretty awesome.  It was for www.GetMarried.com (you HAVE to check out the website).  It’s a small shop that just started last year with a local TV show called Get Married: Atlanta.  Well, WE picked it up and then Lifetime is now airing it M-F.  It’s transformed into something awesome and they only have 5 sales reps for the entire country (LOADS of opportunity).  I will keep you updated. Let the offers come in!! I’m beckoning you!! hehe

And by the way, I believe Annie is becoming quite the city girl. She really enjoyed people watching from the 11th story hotel room (fantastic hotel in Buckhead, by the way, the Intercontinental…FANTASTIC! Best ever). Here she is, so adorable.

Takin' on Atlanta...